The tips of the floor plates become sky-garden balconies whose terraces provide a comfortable outdoor seating area. CLOU sees outdoor work space as a logical next step in the evolution of office culture.

Shoukai Vanke Centre is a 132,000 sqm mixed-use development which is composed of a 26,000 sqm shopping mall, a 124-metre-tall office tower as well as a hotel.

Beijing’s Daxing area has been envisioned as a new gateway to the city. Located in the heart of Daxing district, the project operates as a key piece and the largest building complex within the regional development so far.

The office tower has a triangular shape which creates a strong presence at the main intersection yet appears elegant and slim from other points. The triangular shape is the result of a series of pragmatic decisions which include maximising views towards the newly built park and integrating double height sky-garden balconies into the tips of the floor plates. Their terraces provide comfortable outdoor seating areas with spectacular views over the adjacent park.


首开 万科中心是一座总建筑面积132,000平方米的综合体,由一系列各具特点的单体建筑构成:一座124米高,建筑面积54,000平方米的办公塔楼;一个建筑面积26,000平方米的购物中心;以及一个酒店。



Shoukai Vanke Centre Beijing