Being the tallest structure rising above the leafy streets of Shekou the 220m tower is visible from as far as Hong Kong.

The Shenzhen Shuiwan 1979 complex is nestled between a network of tree-lined streets and directly connects to the Shuiwan subway station.

The project attained its name from its site where, in 1979, Deng Xiaoping announced the opening up of China. Today fashionable renovated factories stand side by side operational factories, old residential neighbourhoods, banking headquarters and a theme park.

The tower is designed as stack of small interlocked boxes relating to the scale and diversity of today’s Shekou. Gaps between the boxes are filled with green terraces and public space rising up from a raised retail podium’s roof landscape. Halfway up the tower, between offices below and residences above, cantilevering terraces invite the neighbourhood to its restaurants, a swimming pool, and an art gallery.





Shenzhen Shuiwan 1979