Shanghai N.E.O Plaza is a thirty minute drive south-west from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It is located in a rapidly developing residential suburb which is a moderately famous tourist destination thanks to its preserved Song dynasty historic town.

The 24,500 square-metre outdoor mall comprises of shopping, entertainment and dining facilities with social gathering spaces at its core. To ensure footfall to all retail areas, three public squares connect diagonally from the main corner entrance to a large plaza in the south-west.

The stepped massing of the first two floors references the more intimate scale of the nearby ancient town. To achieve maximum commercial exposure, an iconic ring-like object sits on the roofs of the streetscape below.

The lower levels’ black and white terracotta strips are a contemporary reference to Shanghai’s “Shi Ku Men” brick architecture. The ring above is clad in textured glass allowing diners views out over the elevated terraces and city.


商业面积24,500平方米的新环广场为集购物,休闲娱乐 与餐饮设施于一体的目的地式商业中心,核心拥有吸引社区居民和游客在此共同汇聚的社交空间。为确保引导客流至所有的商业区域,三个小型广场自主入口对角串连,人流跟随这条通畅动线的引导可抵达位于首层西南侧的开放式主广场。 退进的首二层体量参照了邻近的新场古镇更为亲密、友好的尺度。为得到最大化的商业曝光点,标志性的环形体降落在屋顶,其下是繁荣的街道景观。 低区的黑白陶土挂板线条则以现代手法抽象表现了“上海石库门“这类传统砖墙建筑的特征。顶部的圆环采用压花玻璃,通透的材质特性使就餐者可享受到立体的建筑平台与城市景观。

N.E.O. Plaza Shanghai