The position of the two towers and their forms have been optimized through a series of solar studies to minimize overshadowing each other as well as the neighboring buildings. The towers are grouped around a private courtyard which serves as a communal space for the residents.

A clubhouse and an art gallery are positioned adjacent to the courtyard. A small six-storey podium provides flexible office and retail tenant space.
The high end residential development features 780 sqm floor plate that offer 3 varying apartment mixes.

Typical floorplates are divided into either 2 units of 370sqm or 3 units of 250sqm, while each of the top three floors of the towers contain one spacious penthouse apartment per floor.

Each apartment is arranged around a double height sky garden that serves as a natural refuge while allowing for unobstructed views into the cityscape.

The apartments are also served by private elevators which carry residents directly into their own unit.



这个高端的住宅群每层拥有780平米的面积同时包含了三种不同的公寓户型。典型楼层被划分为两个370平米或三个250平米的 居住单元。每个塔楼的最上面三层为一个视野开阔的豪华公寓。


Huaqiaocheng Housing