CLOU has designed the interiors for the 42,000 sqm, 6-story shopping mall. Located at the western end of Beijing’s iconic Chan’an Avenue, this community mall will provide a new focal point for the Mentougou District.

A key design intention focuses on providing a creative social space on the mall’s top floor enticing visitors to visit, capture and share the design on social media. The vaulted double-height spaces were inspired both by Beijing’s imperial archways and the light-flooded renovated factory spaces in Beijing’s Art District which now operate as galleries. Featured details include mirrored inlays and over-sized light bulbs creating interest on the curved surface of the seamless GRG panels.

项目坐落于北京标志性的长安街西沿线。CLOU打造的这个商业面积42,000平方米、6层高的商场为门头沟地区提供了一个新的社区商业焦点。 创造了一个极具创意的顶层社交空间。


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