Volume 6 of FRAME’s recent release reflects on the importance of creating tangible touchpoints between the brand and the consumer in order to realize relevant retail experiences. Two of CLOU’s retail interior design projects have been selected by editor Ana Martins for Power Shop 6, a compendium described as ‘Retail Design Now. ‘

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FRAME最近发布的第六卷表达了在品牌与顾客之间创造可感知的打卡点的重要性,以实现相关的商场体验。CLOU的两个室内设计项目被编辑Ana Martins选录在Power Shop 6 ——一个被称为‘商场设计现在时’的纲要中。


CLOU’s Jiuxi Wedding Exhibition is included in the books’ chapter on ‘This is not just a consumer good – retail spaces as a gallery.’

CLOU的玖喜结婚展示中心被收录在‘这不止是一件消费品 – 如同展廊的商场空间’一章中。

FRAME says: There’s no escaping the bridal gowns in CLOU architects’ concept (nor should there be) but neon lights and black anodized steel create an almost surgical atmosphere that alerts customers to the brand’s modern approach to wedding planning.

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FRAME 提到:在CLOU建筑的概念里新娘婚纱没有被回避(也不应)而是通过霓虹灯管以及镀黑钢材打造了一个近乎于外科手术室的氛围,从而使顾客意识到该品牌 ‘现代婚礼策划的方法理念。’


Jewellery Box Chaowai is part of the books’ chapter on ‘The medium is the message – retail space as a storytelling device.’


CLOU architects says: ‘We looked at art-deco department store interiors like the Bullocks Wilshire Perfume Hall in Los Angeles for inspiration. We picked two of the time’s characteristic materials – natural stone and stainless steel – which helped us create a modernized sense of opulence which would not be thought of as vintage. Materials were carefully chosen to best show off each kind of precious stone.’

CLOU提到:‘我们在看到类似拉斯维加斯的The Bullocks Wilshire Perfume Hall式的装饰艺术风格的百货商店室内时受到启发。我们选取了两种具有时代感的材料 – 天然石材及不锈钢 – 来帮助我们创造一种没有特定年代的现代感的丰富气质。材料被精心的选择以表现每一种珍贵的石材。’