The design awards are part of the DNA Summer Design Conference in Paris, an intimate design festival for creative thinkers and makers.
For more information on workshops and keynote speakers see: DNA Paris

该设计奖是巴黎DNA夏季设计论坛的一部分,一个面向创意思考者及制造者的私人设计庆典。 更多的workshop及重要演讲信息见:DNA Paris

‘The design looks to turns routine activities into playful experiences for kids and adults alike,’ says Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU.

‘设计通过将墨守成规的行为转换为儿童与大人共同体验的趣味性经历,从而寻求拓展公共空间的潜力与可能性,’CLOU总监Jan F. Clostermann讲到。

‘Play Stack’ is a kid’s themed mall which was envisioned as an arrangement of piled up boxes containing playful elements. Terraced volumes and connecting staircases are threaded into a continuous exterior path which leads to a large rooftop deck. The walkways weave these spaces into a pedestrian network that can lend its support to the developing public domain of southwest Shenyang.