About the German Design Council: The German Design Council is a long-established competition organizer. As one of the world’s leading design and architecture excellence centres, the German Design Council is active at the nexus between designers and the construction industry. The German Design Council’s awards recognise important contemporary developments as well as exceptional design accomplishments.

关于德国设计委员会: 德国设计委员会是一个成立多年的竞赛组织机构。 作为全球领先的追求卓越设计和建筑的中心之一,德国设计委员会活跃于设计师和建筑行业之间,其所设奖项对当代重要发展及卓越的设计成就予以表彰。

'With the magnificent exhibition space in the Jiuxi Wedding Exhibition Centre, the architects have elevated the concept of 'wedding' to the highest possible aesthetic level for the 21st century.'

‘在久囍婚礼体验中心里的华丽展览空间中, 建筑设计师将‘婚礼’的概念提升到二十一世纪的最高审美水平。’

Jury Text: Exciting here is the superb interplay between minimalism and opulence, as well as the idea of integrating the most legendary romantic scenes of all time into the ultra-modern interior. Exhibiting wedding dresses as if they were on a fashion runway is also a lovely idea. This is a superb design that addresses a subject – one that all too often is dealt with in an offhand way – in a challenging, thoughtful and modern fashion from every standpoint, without the usual clichés.

评审团的裁决:令人兴奋的是极简主义与豪华设计之间的相互作用, 以及在一个极现代室内融合有史以来最著名浪漫场景的设计想法。以时装秀的方式展现婚纱也是非常好的构想。这是一个有力地针对主题的卓越室内设计,一个经常被草率方式处理的主题,却在此以具挑战性、深思熟虑、最现代时尚而创新的方式解决。