Fire Island Brutalism meets tea plantations and bamboo forests. CLOU's design for an 80 villa hot spring resort in Wuyi received planning approval in December of 2016. Site works have started with the opening slated for mid-2019.

Located in the central part of Zhejiang Province to the South of Jinhua, Wuyi is about 157 kilometres away from Hangzhou and can be reached from Shanghai in under 3 hours. It’s known as ‘The Hot Spring City in Eastern China’. A pleasant climate, the beautiful scenery, and a profound historic village culture place Wuyi among the top travel destinations in Zhejiang Province.

With great respect for the existing natural environment, CLOU’s masterplan nestles the buildings along the topography lines of the hilly slopes and valleys. Waterfront lodges will be constructed from rammed earth walls of local soil in an effort to reduce transportation emissions.

The minimalist design approach provides the essentials for an ambience of simple luxury with the focus on framing the existing beauty of the scenery.

这是火烧岛(Fire Island)式的建筑粗野主义与中式茶园竹林的一次碰撞。由 CLOU设计的位于浙江武义的一个有80个温泉度假别墅的度假村于201612月获得了规划许可。 施工已在进行中,预计将于2019年中旬开业。




Wuyi Resort