The river Yangtze has allowed Wuhan to become the main economic port city in central China, as such much of the trade and culture revolves around the importance of the river. Leitmotifs associated with the river are the focal point of CLOU’s design for the Longfor Wuhan River Walk Mall.

CLOU designed three individually themed atria spaces which provide a unique framework for movement, way finding and social interaction, and encourage visitors to explore and dwell spontaneously as well as via defined retail and leisure objectives.

‘The Bridge’ The atrium space offers an atmosphere for customers to meet, hang out and celebrate.

‘The Source’ Celebrating Wuhan’s connection with water since it has sustained life for thousands of years.

‘The Gorge’ A narrow atrium space extends across several stories providing framed views of the sky. Like various stratum of a gorge, the void of each level is different in shape and size creating a feel of exploration.

Many of the tangible experiential touch points required to transform a mall into a vibrant leisure destination will be found alongside these 3 atria voids. These spaces will serve as a platform for creative events and hosting of exciting marketing activity, lined with varied F&B venues to create the unique environment that will encourage the increased social interaction which leads to increased dwell time and ultimately increased spend. CLOU believes that the physical environment needs to be every bit as memorable as the goods and activities on offer, without creating the kind of sensory overload that a theme park aesthetic can impose.

As part of the immersive design approach CLOU proposes a range of bespoke event installations populating the public realm providing experiential focus points to delight visitors. The multi-sensory and events based concept behind the design presents a series of spaces which offer the visitor a real and visceral shopping experience that is out of the ordinary, constantly evolving and capable of attracting all shopping profiles from the casual visitor to the family outing to the dedicated follower of fashion.

CLOU’s design builds an environment which encourages visitors to come back time after time, by creating and framing experiences that would stay with shoppers long after they’ve left the site.


CLOU设计了三个独立主题的中庭空间,为商场的动态,指引与社交提供了一个独特的框架, 同时通过定义的商店与休闲目标去鼓励顾客发自内心的去探索享受空间。 ‘桥’ 中庭空间为顾客提供了一个相遇,欢聚与庆祝的氛围 ‘源’ 体现了武汉与水的紧密联系,由于水使得生命在过往的几千年延续繁衍 ‘峡谷’ 一条狭窄的中庭空间向上延伸跨至多层,为顾客框出望向天空的不同视角,如同一条峡谷的不同地层,每层的中空空间在大小与形态上都各不相同,激发了探索的欲望。




River Walk Wuhan