The existing tile-cladded 1990’s building has been fashioned into a ‘Jewellery Box’ by CLOU as part of a phased upgrading strategy for our client’s city block in Beijing. The project is part of a wider transformation plan for the Chaoyang district. Prior to its transformation into a luxury inner-city shopping destination, the building had been occupied by a wholesale computer- and electronics market.

Façade Design: The façade of the ‘Jewellery Box’ has been set out to resemble a triangle diamond step-cut. Reminiscent of well-cut diamonds, the daylight strikes each facet of the facade at an angle which allows most of the light to refract upon reflection. This creates a glimmering effect on the surface. Large scale glass- and sandblasted stainless steel boxes with accentuated rebates complete the composition of the façade.

Level 1-3 Interiors: Traditional department stores of the 1920’s such as the Bullocks Wilshire in Los Angeles were the inspiration for the interiors of CLOU’s ‘Jewellery Box’. It is our ambition to revive some of the undisputed qualities of early department stores without having to be referential to the style and time.

Three levels of the four story building are now home to 3200 sqm of jewellery boutiques, 400 running meters of jewellery counters for individual vendors, and a 300 sqm auction house of fine arts. Jewellery counters have been customized in various tones of anodized steel in combination with a range of marble selections creating a slightly different appeal on each floor.

The clear alignment of jewellery counters provides a basic framework for movement and wayfinding while allowing visitors to explore and dwell spontaneously. The wide-ranging customization of furniture, lights and stone patterns creates an environment that encourages real, tangible discovery and physical interaction with goods, service, experience, and light. We await that the physical environment will be every bit as memorable as the goods on offer, without creating a sensory overload.




Jewellery Box Chaowai