CLOU exhibited ‘Soft Blob’ – an installation made from stretched Mulberry silkworm cocoons at The China Suzhou Design & Cultural Expo.

While on display visitors have imagined the seven and a half meter tall object as a headless duck, a vegetable like a golden or white gourd, something like a pear, or some kind of alien object. The form was abstract enough just to leave enough room for interpretation.


‘All along we have been calling it a ‘dumb blob’ in order to focus on the essential material qualities and the elementary form we wanted to create,’ says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU.

‘为了更好地将设计焦点集中在材质的特性和元素化的空间,我们在设计过程中一直称他为--蠢蠢的团子’ 柯路建筑董事Christian Taeubert说。

Silk fibres from silkworms have been used in textiles for over 5000 years and China has been at the centre of this practice for centuries. This tradition has been documented in The Archives of Suzhou Silk Samples which consists of 302,841 silk samples submitted to the UNESCO Memory of the World Library in 2016.

Following the exhibition, the Soft Blob has found a new home in Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute’s permanent collection of their art museum with the intention of being displayed in future exhibitions. The four day long Suzhou Design & Cultural Expo had received 200.000 visitors this year.

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蚕丝纤维在纺织业已经拥有超过5000年的历史,并且苏州在过去几个世纪以来一直是该工业的核心所属。这种传统工艺也被收录在苏州丝绸样品档案里,包括 302,841种不同丝绸种类,在2016年被一同提交至世界文化遗产世界记忆图书馆。