It was our ambition to revive some of the undisputed qualities of these early department stores without being derivative to the style of the time (for example Bullocks Wilshire Perfume Hall, see image above).


Three levels of the four-story building are now home to 3200 sqm of jewellery boutiques and 400 linear meters of jewellery counters for individual vendors. A selection of natural stones meets corrugated steel for a well-crafted appeal of the jewellery counters.

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'We looked at Art Deco department store interiors like the Bullocks Wilshire Perfume Hall in Los Angeles for inspiration. We picked two of the time’s characteristic materials, natural stone and stainless steel, creating a modernized sense of opulence which would not be thought of as vintage,' says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU architects.

‘我们在装饰派艺术商店的室内设计中寻求灵感,例如洛杉矶的公牛威尔希尔香水厅。我们选择了两种当前有代表性的材料,天然石材和不锈钢,来创造一种非复古性质的现代化富丽感,’CLOU总监Christian Taeubert讲到。