How much fun could one possibly bring to an area of 8m x 1m? That’s what we asked ourselves when given an 8sqm booth for an installation at Design Beijing Fair. The principle of a rotary press or conveyor belt seemed to be a pragmatic way to enlarge our area, while sending a 35 meter long canvas on an unconventional, zigzagging looped path enabling a large number of people to draw on it at the same time.

在收到‘设计北京’邀请在8平米的展位内搭建一个设计装置时我们给自己提问:在8m x 1m的展区内能给人带来多少趣味空间?转轮印刷或者传送带的设计成为了我们放大创作空间的重要实现方式。为了让人们在更大的空间内同时创作,我们的设计将35米长的画布沿‘之’字形环绕在多个滚筒上。

'We felt like we should increase the limited design area by somehow elongating the overall length of activity space,' says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU.

CLOU董事Christian Taeubert表示:‘我们觉得通过延展活动空间的长度来实现扩展有限的娱乐/设计空间。’

Traces captured on canvas ranged from children’s drawings, self-portraits, Chinese calligraphy, tags, graffiti and abstract paint blotches all the way to political statements like #metoo and #f**ksexism.

The Design Beijing fair took place at the Beijing’s Agricultural Exhibition Centre from the 30th of April to the third of May receiving over 150,000 visitors.