China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo will open to the public on April 19. Multiple layers of silk cocoon webs are bonded into a softshell shape with the help of sticky rice emulsion.


'All along we have been calling it a ‘dumb blob’ in order to focus on the essential qualities of the material and the elementary enclosure it creates,' says Christian Taeubert, Director of CLOU.

柯路建筑董事Christian Taeubert说,’为了更好地将设计焦点集中在材质的特性和元素化的空间,我们在设计过程中一直称之为--蠢蠢的团子。‘

Nature as a form of inspiration is not something new to architecture, however the pavilion is CLOU’s contribution to harmonise the natural and the built world. It also serves as a reminder that some of the design problems we face have already been met and solved in nature itself.

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