Vanke Jiugong


The Slope


‘The Slope’ creates a place for entertainment, where every new visit leads to different discoveries.

Located in the riverside city of Jingjiang at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the 62,000 sqm shopping and entertainment complex strives to be a model for a ‘third place’ – an enjoyable gathering spot besides home and work.

CLOU proposes a sloping functional green roof that ramps down to the waterfront park in front, connecting the entertainment centre with its surroundings and the local community. In addition to the retail spaces, the project incorporates both recreational and community functions on the public roofscape; providing an adequate amount of open space to motivate economic, social and environmental value. Cut-out entrances, exterior stairs and escalators, and terraces connect the interior directly with the public roof. By weaving pedestrian pathways inside and outside the complex, the proposal provides unique and distinctive public meeting places for people.

Slotted into the sloping roof, an IMAX cinema extends onto the sloped terrain and connects with a series of restaurants in its vicinity, turning the movie theatre into a 24h urban entertainment centre. 'These spaces provide extra opportunities and when properly designed and cared for, they can assist in bringing communities together,' says Jan F. Clostermann, Director of CLOU.




横插入斜坡屋顶的IMAX影院悬挑在坡面之上并与一系列餐厅相连,使其成为一个24小时活跃的城市娱乐中心。‘这些空间提供了额外的机会与可能性,在恰当的设计与关照下,他们可以帮助社区融合在一起’,CLOU总监Jan F. Clostermann讲到。



Nov 13


Wuyi Yuansu Mountain Resort has been chosen as a winner of the 2018 Architecture Masterprize!


Nov 9


Jan F. Clostermann presents CLOU’s original concepts for shared retail experiences at the ‘Urban Retail Conference’ organized by the German Design Council.

Jan F. Clostermann在由德国设计协会举办的“城市商业研讨会”上讲解CLOU共享商业经历的设计理念。

Nov 2


CLOU presented Wuyi Mountain Resort at ASSEMBLEY 2018 design talks.


Nov 1


designboom feature: CLOU's concrete spa resort blends into the landscape of Chinese mountains.


Oct 10


Photographer Shuhe captures the rush for completion at Shenyang’s Play Stack.